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Is there a minimum age for driving a golf cart within Harbour Pointe?
Nov. 29, 2010 by Derek Foreman
Eagle Pointe golf course has a minimum age of 16. Harbour Pointe has no official age, but we suggest common sense be used and that anyone driving a golf cart, especially our young residents and their visitors, respect the golf course, Harbour Pointe and surrounding properties.

What type of work does the HP HOA need to approve?
Nov. 29, 2010 by Derek Foreman
Eagle Pointe homeowners must fill out an Architectural
Control Request Form and submit it to their individual homeowners associations for approval prior to
doing any outside work. Also please keep in mind that with very few exceptions, your condominium
(home) is located on Association property. As a result the Board must also approve any landscaping
changes and/or improvements. Otherwise said, if you’re contemplating doing anything to the outside
of your home or to the landscaping contact the Board before you start.

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